Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend 1

My fiance and I are starting a huge renovation of an old farm house in Charlie. We love the location and the feel of this house. I am truly in love with this house! The house is a complete square measuring 900-1,000 sf. ft. 2 Bedroom 1 bath, living room, and a kitchen/ laundry room. It's tiny and stinky and old and has soooo much wonderful potential. We started on the outside because it was completely grown up and we knew that if we made the yard look nice it would only motivate us to work on the inside of the house.

We are doing everything one step at a time, therefore I only have before and after pictures of the outside. Our goal for the weekend was to get the yard in good shape, and would definitely say we completed our goal! Thank you Jessica and Tonya for helping!! All help is greatly appreciated! Coming soon will be the start of the inside!

I would also like to add that I am VERY sore! Lots clipping, pulling, and lifting! I loved almost every minute of it!

Ryan thinking.

So here we go...Before.

And After..

This is what I am most excited about! Peace and Quiet. This is the view from our front door.

Ryan driving the lawnmower back to Mom and Dads. We couldn't find a trailer that wasn't loaded with lumber or needed a tire, so we decided to drive the mower a little over a mile to the house.

By the way, I love this guy more than anything! Can't wait to be his wife!

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