Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ryan and I are proud homeowners. We just bought a perfect old home. Our new address 2021 Ratt Rd.! The house is perfect for us. We are finally going to have some ROOM to move around! We have walls to tear down, kitchen to paint, bathroom to completely redo and A LOT of painting to do. I am so very excited! Ryan on the other hand is excited but he has a lot of work ahead of him. I am so thankful for his many talents. This whole thing wouldn't be possible without him.

We are sitting on five acres and we have a barn so I am really excited for some small farming and raising chickens!

Stayed tuned for all the exciting things to come.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exciting stuff.

We are going to close on our first home together today. T minus 1 hour.

This is how excited I am...

Updates to come soon. Updates as in...we have won't be moving in right away. We have some major fun-filled work ahead of us.

Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 in Review. Part 6.

It's the end of summer and one morning while running we witnessed first hand a coon dog (Lucy) tree (pole) a family of coons! Then Annie learns to walk, turns 1, and has a birthday party. We enjoy the fall weather, print shirts, enjoy evening walks, and playing with cousins. Christmas is near and we got to the Christmas parade in Henrietta and have Jace over for hot cocoa making and tasting.

2012 in Review. Part 5.

Let's see. Part 5 starts in June: Annie starts eating more table food, we went to Austin to support Uncle Scot, Ryan started brewing beer, Annie started crawling, and standing strong. Memorial weekend we took Annie to the zoo for the first time (Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville) then it started to get hot so we started to take dips in the mini pool.

chunky baby!!

2012 in Review. Part 4.

Next up is our little Georgia trip we took to see our good friends Michael and Amanda!! This was Annie's first trip by plane and I think she had a good time! Tips for traveling with a baby is pack light!! We checked the car seat and didn't bring a stroller. Luckily Annie wasn't crawling so we didn't bring the pack-n-play either. We also bought the bulk of our diapers, baby food, and drinks once we got there. We had a great time!!

Mother's Day 2012!!

Good times!