Friday, March 19, 2010

3 weeks

Wow! I can't believe the main event is right around the corner! I feel like I have so much to get done. But really, it's lots of little things, the niknak things, the small necessities, the things that take time.

But, I am not going to stress ;), if they get done, they get done - if they don't, they don't!

The rehearsal/rehearsal dinner is three weeks away from today! The wedding is three weeks and one day away from today and the honeymoon will start in three weeks and two days from today!!

Thinking about all the festivities has put me in a great mood this morning!


I just love this picture, it's so simple and beautiful :)
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So, our plan for the weekend is to tear out the interior of the house but we have a chance of SNOW/rain/wind tomorrow with a high of 39! Where does weather like this come from? I swear, only in Texas. Sunday is supposed to be windy with a high of 51. So, I can't promise that we will get over there Saturday but we are going to try for Sunday!! Wish us luck. :/

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  1. I wish you luck! I wanted to get a pedicure tomorrow but I'm not about to do that on a cold day. :(