Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend 4.

We are moving right along. Ryan has been putting most of his focus on the kitchen in finishing up the electrical and getting the counter tops out. I don't have a picture but Sunday he started putting the sheet rock back up on the ceiling!

This is a BEFORE and CURRENT. You can see that we took two walls down that were separating the kitchen from the living room.

The CURRENT state of the counter tops. Ryan ordered and is going to make our counter tops out of black walnut. I AM SO EXCITED!

And just another shot of the kitchen. Ceiling coming soon..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

progress. week 3.

Last weekend was really busy so we didn't get to work on the house but luckily I have a great boss that let me off work on Monday so I was able to get some cleaning, nail pulling, and ceiling scrapping done on the house.

Popcorn ceiling...scrapping this stuff is HARD work! I will probably look up and smile every time I'm in our bathroom and hallway.

Today the windows are getting installed and should be done by Monday! Visually, this is going to make things look really different!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

weekend 2.

Last week and weekend we worked on finishing up the demo. Two ceilings up stairs, two walls, an entire bathroom, and the two ceilings downstairs are now out! While Ryan and a friend worked on getting new beams put up in the kitchen and front room I was down in the basement cleaning up ceiling and pulling out hundreds of nails out of the beams. I have one side done and now have the nails to pull out on the fireplace side of the basement.

Now all we need is a shop-vac, some cleaning, and some electrical wired and we are almost ready to be getting the ceilings back up in the two rooms. We are leaving the basement beams exposed and painting them white to brighten up the space.

Here are a few pictures of the basement. Doesn't look like much but this space is huge! I can't wait to fill it up with toys, desks, and brewing equipment!

This will be strorage and kid space!

Pool table and Ryan's side of the basement. He will finally have a space for all his music equipment!

This is the after-math of a HUGE tree that was in our back yard with branches covering the entire top of the house (SCARY). Gone now and so happy!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekend 1.

I took more photos with the camera but these are from my phone. Last weekend and this week have been spent tearing out the old. We tore out the ceiling in the kitchen and front bedroom because the were in bad shape and also walls between the kitchen and living room. We now have an open concept living/kitchen room! The house has two bathrooms and one is in the process of completely being torn out and brought back to bare bones and the other just needs the tiles popped of the wall and a little paint. More photos to come soon.

Messy business!

Small bathroom. I did this all by myself :) Heater also had to go. Needless to say they look cool but not up to code!
Another thing I'm not sure I've mentioned, amongst the many things I love about this house the natural lighting is probably my favorite! We have so many windows!!