Monday, August 20, 2012

11 months.

So, I am going to apologize now for the lack of posts. The hours/days/weeks are flying by faster than I can catch up. Baby girl is 11 months old.

The one word I can think of to describe her this month is...quirky. She can make everyone smile and laugh at her. Of course we know she has always had a crazy tongue but it's getting out of control. Her new thing in the mornings is to gum (chew w/o teeth) her food (example: waffle) and then open her mouth wide, stick out her tongue, and most of the time spit all her food out.

WHAT! Why is she doing this? Where did she learn this? Between this and slapping (which some say is playful in your face slap but I'm starting to think she REALLY does know what she is doing) she has learned how to shack her head no when I say "No, No".  Solution: Ignore her. Sounds like a horrible thing to do but it's the only things that works and makes her stop.

She really is the sweetest thing. Besides walking and talking she really doesn't have a lot of "milestones" left to concur. So, here are a few things she loves:

  • to clap
  • bang on anything and everything like she is playing the we pay have a drummer?
  • other kiddos- the other cousins give her lots of attention and she loves it. When she sees Patrick she gets so excited.
  • grunts- ALL THE TIME.
  • to say "mama"- starting to believe it means lots of different things. So far "mama" could mean book-nose-outside-more-etc. her response to all of these is "mama" :) I'm ok with that! It is the sweetest thing to hear.
  • the funniest, most recent like is Aunt Stacie's cow skin rug..sounds strange but we were over there yesterday and she loved sitting, laying, rolling, and petting on this rug. She would smile and laugh like it was the coolest thing ever.
She can be wild (like her mama) and so sweet (like her dad). We LOVE her! Happy 11 months Annie.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

10 months.

I'm about a week late on this post but I dedicated all my posts last week to NFP Awareness week!

So here goes..this last month (from 9 to 10) went by way to fast. I can't believe Annie is in the double digits of months and less than two months from turning 1...SAY WHAT!!! I am about to be a Momma of a one year old?!

So, I'm shocked but embracing every moment. I love this kid. I have loved every stage and every month thus far. I can only imagine that is going to continue to get better and better. We know the toddler grumpy/tantrum phase is coming and so be it. Every child has them and I'm actually excited! Bring it on!

As of late, squirt (aka Annie) has been standing A LOT! She has been doing this for awhile now but hasn't gotten the courage to take any steps. A few times, while playing she has let go and stood by herself but I can count those instances on one hand. Everyone says she'll be walking in no time...we shall see.

  • Officially off the bottle.
  • No baby food
  • feeds herself - Loves almost everything thus far- peas, green beans, quesadillas, pasta, squash, fruit, yogurt, cheerios
  • makes lots of funny faces
  • has started to get into stuff- very curious
  • searches for tiny things to put in her mouth
  • speedy crawler
  • and enjoys being read to- :) Her favorite books right now are Water Water Everywhere and Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss
Loves her walker- cruises around and gets upset if she is stopped!

"Mom, I love this toy!"

Reading with Daddy

Reading- She gets very interested in turning the pages. So sweet to watch her learn new things.