Monday, March 5, 2012

our weekend

Ms. Annie is growing so fast. I say that every post and I am sure you will get tired of it. Apologizes now.

She can now sit all by her self. No help needed.

She is grabbing everything in sight. Eating rice cereal like a champ. Able to pick up a sippy cup and put it in her mouth.(although she can't quite figure out how to get the water out of it...soon, very soon.)

I think adults underestimate how smart babies are. I know Annie is young but I have to remind myself to let her try things for herself, more times than not she surprises me and what she can do. This phase is fun. It soon will pass so I try to soak as much up as I can. This is something that Ryan and I will ALWAYS have to remember. -Let her try things for herself!!

She is also able to ride in the stroller like a big girl! No more car seats for this baby. *clarification- she uses a car seat in the car but no longer has to ride in one attached to the stroller.

I think she enjoyed it. :)

These are from the phone. I am going to try to upload some from the camera tonight. Talk to you soon.

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