Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 months and life lately...

Well, things have been busy!! I just realized I haven't posted in over two weeks. Sorry. About two weeks ago our entire house got sick. We all loaded up one Monday morning and went to the clinic's; $75 dollars later in co-pay's, all three of us were on antibiotics. Ryan and I are done with ours and feeling better. Annie has probably one day left and if she could talk she would tell us she's ready!!

This was her first time to be really sick and it wasn't fun. She never really got cranky but when you see her and she sounds terrible with gook coming out her eyes you just feel HELPLESS!!

Here she is starting to feel better but still snotty!

Annie turned 5 months old a couple of days ago (19th)and she is full of life. She has got lot's of personality. Watching her coo (talk) and trying to figure out what to do with her tongue is quite entertaining. She's starting to grab at things (toy and mommy's hair), sit up almost all by herself, and she tolerates being on her stomach more than a minute.

I consider everything she does major milestones. They make me happy and sad. Our little stink pot is growing so fast!

Annie at 5 months. (We played dress up with a BIG bow and a BIG tutu)

I have lots more to say but don't have the time right this second. I'll be back :)

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