Sunday, March 20, 2011

The weeekend...

Well I had an eventful/busy weekend that started with a trip to the Wichita Mountains on Friday with the lovely Mom and sister Jessica. We hiked all throughout the the Channing Gardens. The trail was 2.4 miles one way. Part of the trail required us to climb up and over boulders, interesting to say the least. Here is a couple shots of Mom and Jessica and then Mom and me on the boulders. I'm glad we took the pictures at the beginning because we didn't look so hot at the end of our hike. 5 hrs of hiking = exhausted Kathryn.

Then we came home, got cleaned up, and then headed to Casey's for a family ladies Bunco Party! No pictures but great fun! I didn't win anything but rolling THREE Buncos sure made my night!

Saturday me and the hubs planted our knockout roses in the front bed, rested, went to a cookout at Kalynne and Chase's new casa, and then went to the Neon Spur to watch a few friends play.

Today after church I decided to make Joy the Baker's Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. One word. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I don't have an after picture but needless to say, there isn't much left with the help of Austin, Caleb, Ryan, Clair, Mom, and me :).

Now we are about to grill some hot dogs while trying to shoo away these two stinky (when I say stinky...I mean the smell would be comparable to a pig that's been dead about a week)Hound dogs.

I'd like you to meet Copper (Jacob and Lauren's Blood Hound)

And know who she is :)

That's all for now..we're going to eat, possibly watch something on the tube, and hit the sack.

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