Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Owls

We had a little bit of an adventure last night. But first, since we found out we were expecting I wanted to do an owl themed nursery. Boy or Girl. I have found the cutest fabric and poster on Etsy. First thing, I asked Ryan if he liked the owl's, he did, and I haven't thought about nursery ideas since. Owls it is.

Last night, I would say around 2:32 a.m., I heard hooooot whoo hoooot. I didn't think too much of it until Ryan sat up, flustered, and said "Do you hear that? Do you know what that is?"... (long pause because I was asleep) "Yes, it's an owl". He got up, opened the front door, stared them down, and then slammed the front door. He did this a couple of times and the owls (yes, more than one, by the sound of it...3) never missed a beat. He came stomping back to bed frustrated that he couldn't get them to go away or shut up. So what do you do when you can't go to sleep because the owls are being to loud? You turn on the window unit even though it's in the 30's outside. It worked and I went back to sleep.

When Ryan was trying to scare them away, I couldn't help but smile. I love owls and baby H is going to love owls too :) As for Ryan, he loves owls too but would rather them not sit outside our window and hooot hooot all night.

Oh!Louise Designs on Etsy.


  1. OMG- an owl themed nursery would be sooo cute! You should look into the wall decals like this one:

    You may have already seen them, but I <3!! I may just have to steal this idea...someday :)

  2. You know I love the owl theme! So cute! And...what a funny story. I can just picture Ryan.

  3. Oh my!! I hadn't seen that decal. It is so freakin' cute!!! I love etsy! And you can steal the idea anytime!!