Thursday, November 8, 2012

our evenings this week.

This week has been a little busy. As most of you know, Ryan and I own and operate a screen printing shop. We decided a few months ago to put the printing on hold but events have come up that we are very passionate about and are printing just a few orders.

We print in the evenings since we both work all day. The weather has been so wonderful which makes the hole process much better for Ryan, Annie, and I. Ryan is such a hard working wonderful man and I am so thankful for him and his efforts with the printing. One more order to complete this month and I think it's about all we could handle.

Ryan printed tonight while I played and entertained the littlest. She loves being outside so it's fun to just let her run around.

She was in the process of a sneeze! Hah, so cute!

She is also in a phase were she hands us everything. Cups, food, rocks, dirt, dirty diapers, you name it...she won't stop until you take it and then hand it right back to her.

I read something recently about Mom's who take tons of pictures of their kids yet aren't in any of the pictures. I agree, so this gal is going to put the self timer to some use and start getting in the picture!And of course Lucy had to see what's going on. Annie squeals with delight for this dog and that makes my heart smile.  


  1. love the colors in those last two pictures! gorgeous :) you two are darling.

  2. So glad the weather has been beautiful for you as of late. These pictures are just perfect! The last shot is absolutely adorable :)
    xo TJ