Thursday, October 11, 2012

resolutions start now.

I can't explain how giddy I've been today. I got in the car (as I do every morning) turned on the radio (as I do every morning) and turned on the Catholic Channel - SirusXM Channel 129 (as I do every morning). Gus Lloyd's show, Seize the Day, is one of my favorite things about my day. He is positive, energetic, a great apologist, feisty, and really good at getting my heart and mind fired up for the day. By the time I pull into my work parking lot (remind you I have a 30 minute commute) I usually get out, full of energy which is not from the coffee- it's the Holy Spirit.

 I'm usually telling myself something like:

 "I am going to change the world"
"I am going to be the best disciple for Jesus"
"Wow! I'm on fire for the Lord"
"Life is good!"
" I am so thankful"
"I am so blessed"

or it can be something like:

 "Why is there so much confusion and hurt in the world"
"How can I help the poor"
"How can I help people understand the faith"
"What do I need to do to better myself as a wife and mother"
"How do I evangelize"
"What are the ways to invite someone to church"

And the list goes on and on. I give myself a beat down regularly. I am so happy and so full of the Holy Spirit. At times I feel like everyone is on my cloud 9. I mean how could they not, God created each and every one of us. He knitted us in our mothers womb and gave us the gift of life.

Then I hit a wall the reminds me that not everyone is on a cloud 9. There is so much negative in our society. So much energy and focus that is put on materials, negativity, and selfishness. Hands down I fall into this category. I'm not perfect. But recognizing your failure is the beauty of the journey back to God.

So my point of this post is this, the "Year of Faith" starts today. I am here to make a resolution in a way to better myself and somehow help another.

My resolution for this "Year of Faith" is to never give up. Never stop reading. Never stop learning. I know that the more I learn the more I will receive back from Jesus Christ, and how could I say no to that.

I challenge you today to think about a way you can let Christ into your heart today and every day. It could be as simple as saying one prayer everyday.

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