Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun in the sun..

This past Sunday we went to the Rangers Game! There is something about the ballpark that I absolutely love. We sat in Section 332L, Row 1, Seat 1-3. Ryan was a bit sceptical because we were on the upper level but the seats were amazing! Reasonably priced and we could see the entire field without having to use binoculars.

The game was at 2:05 meaning 90% of the seats were in the sun...not fun but tolerable. Like I said, I love the ballpark; the smell of the garlic fries, lemon chill's, the wind, the sun, the fact I could see Nolan Ryan AND President George Bush, and being with people I love. We were out of the sun by the end of the third inning. It was great, not to mention it was a great game! We won :)

Excited that we have two more games planned this summer! Happy Hump Day!

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