Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Birthday to my oldest sister Clair. Clair is the wife of Russell and the mother of two amazing little boys.

Caleb (6 months) & Austin ( 2 1/2 yrs)

Clair is the nicest and sweetest person I know. She never loses her composure, she is always thinking of others, she's smart, talented and I love her very much.

Clair, me, and Jessica (my little sister) at my bridal shower.

Among her many talents is sewing. This is the quilt she made Ryan and I for our wedding present.

It's gorgeous! If only you could see it in person. I can't wait to put it to some good use in our new house!

Happy Birthday again Clair! I love you and I'll be seeing you in a few days :)

The Simmons Family

Austin, Clair, and Caleb

Austin and Russell

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