Saturday, April 17, 2010

And we're back :)

First off..the wedding and honeymoon was amazing..words can't express how happy we are! The ceremony and reception was more than I could of ever hoped for! A HUGE thank you to all our family and friends who attended and made our day so special!

And Thank you to Meegan Weaver, our photographer, who captured our day perfectly!

Just in case some of you haven't been reading, we went to Portland, Oregon for the honeymoon. Words or pictures can't honestly explain how pretty this place is. We had a great time and saw some wonderful places.

Japanese Garden

Tuesday was a big day for our site seeing..we rented a car (the only day out of 5 that we rented a car) and went East to see the Colombia Gorge and then we went all the way West and saw the Coast. AMAZING!!

And the coast..These was all taken in Canon Beach, OR

Now that we are back to normal..we have to do a few things around our current house before we can really get started on our Charlie house. Keep in touch, I'll be posting!

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