Monday, July 23, 2012

It's that time of year again.

Well yesterday kicked off the start to Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness week!

I am so very excited about this week! Ryan and I talked at 8:00 Mass yesterday about our thoughts and a little information on NFP! I don't have our speeches with me right now but will be posting our talk this week!

Today I want to share about the BENEFITS and EFFECTIVENESS of using the NFP method, via the blog nfpworksblog:

* I want to make it clear that you do not have to be Catholic to use the NFP method. Don't let that be a block in the road to start a natural and healthy way of family planning.

What are the Benefits of NFP?

  • Has no negative side effects.
  • Recognizes fertility as a gift, a normal healthy process, not a disease or side effect of sexuality.
  • Does not interfere with future fertility.
  • Is a shared method, which requires mutual responsibility. Are you a feminist? Why have you been bearing the burden?
  • Deepens intimacy & renews romance (NFP couples have the same amount of intercourse as contraception-users)
  • For Christians: Enhances the spiritual aspect of marriage by planning your family in way that’s not contrary to Christian teaching. (
  • Is cost effective.The average woman pays $1000-5000+ over her reproductive lifetime on contraception, not including sterilization. NFP costs $0-280.

How effective is NFP?

For Achieving a Pregnancy: According to the Paul VI Institute, those using the ovulation method (Creighton Model) and having normal fertility 76% will achieve pregnancy after 1 cycles. Those rates go up to 90% after 3 cycles and 98% after six cycles. For those with “compromised fertility” 20-40% will become pregnant within six to twelve months of use by charting alone. When couples receive medical treatment along with charting, their pregnancy rate up to 80%. Numbers may vary with the different methods.

For Postponing Pregnancy: Overall the rate is as high as or higher than any contraception systems–97%-99% method-effectiveness! No, really. It’s THAT good. Plus, the continuation rate of NFP (people who love it and keep on loving it) is around 93%. The rate for contraception ranges from 43% to 72%. (See Jason Evert’s Love, Sex & Babies, page 2. Copyright Catholic Answers, 2004.)

My email is and my number is 940 631-7866!! Ask questions!! It's the only way to get the answer!

Blessings to all!


  1. Good for you guys! Congratulations on your decision to not only embrace NFP, but to promote it actively.

    How did your couple witness go? Did anyone speak to you afterwards? What did your pastor say?

    Thanks for the blog plug, too.

    Happy NFP Awareness Week, and Anniversary of Humanae Vitae!

  2. It went good! I feel like the message was well recieved however we spoke at 8 am Mass and the demographic is mostly elderly couples. We had a few older couples have positive comments and the priest made a positive comment also. No young couples came forth but I can only pray and hope they are thinking and considering. I am going to post our speech shortly. Thank you for the information you provide on your blog. I love reading!! Blessings to you!