Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 months.

7 months. Wow. As I write  this I can't believe I am a Mom to a almost crawling baby. 

Milestones: Annie is eating all stage 2 foods like a champ. She will now eat peas and green beans if she is really hungry. Meaning, I almost starve her before I plan on giving her peas for dinner. Can't you tell? She looks like a starving baby to me.

I kid. I kid.

Annie has started to go from the sitting position to reaching out to a toy in front of her and  getting herself into the crawling position. She then splats (word?) down on her belly. She often pushes back or sideways. No forward movement has been detected.

Annie has also rolled over TWICE in the last month. She has no interest in rolling over. I suspect she will be crawling before she rolls over multiple times.

She knaws on everything and still no teeth. She still drools like a champ. Those are the biggies.

We love you miss Annie!! Happy 7 months :)

Can you tell she already likes to play dress up?

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