Friday, July 1, 2011

The weekend!

Yeah! It's here, Friday. This has been a crazy week! Ryan and I were head of games during summer family week at church. Tonight is the last night with a few short games and then Mass! I can't believe we made it through it. Love those kids. I'm not going to lie but a few of them wore me out!

I can't believe 4th of July weekend is already here! We are going to be celebrating my parent's 30th Anniversary (which was on Monday) on Saturday with a cookout. Since things were so crazy this week our house didn't get much attention so I plan to wake up Saturday and clean clean clean! I also plan to work on the baby's room and hang a few things up around the house.

I'll post more tomorrow about what I'm hanging. First hint is I went to a few antique shops yesterday and the second hint has to do with this post.

Needless to say I found some GREAT finds! Post and pictures coming once I have time to take pictures (hopefully this afternoon before VBS or tomorrow).

And before I leave I want to say Happy 30th Anniversary to my wonderful parents. You taught me so much about life, love, and marriage by just loving each other. I love you!!

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