Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well I've been in what you would call a music funk. Not sure if it is a pregnancy side effect or just the plain simple fact that I am tired of all the stuff on the radio and my playlist.

I'm kind of getting out of this funk. The last few days I've actually listened to a music channel on my xm radio and now to my itunes. For the last 5 months it's been talk radio (the Catholic channel) or nothing. I just realized that I like and need more silence. My life (along with everyone else's) is fast passed enough that I don't feel like I need all the noise (tv and radio) in the background to fill the spaces.

I am aware that the noise and craziness is only going to increase when this tiny gift from God arrives. Without a doubt I know that I will find ways to stay calm, relax, and enjoy the small bits of silence. It may take sticky notes around the house reminding me to breathe and to stay calm or Ryan telling me to sit and chill.

Nana said something years ago that I will never forget. She was telling my sister or sister in law (I can't remember which) that when the baby is crying and you can't get them to stop - you've changed the diaper, checked their temperature, fed them and they still won't stop set them in their bed and shut the door. She said they may scream but that's better than giving the child shaky baby syndrome. Hah! So true.

A bit off topic from the last two paragraphs but here is a video of the talented Adele. Jessica gave me her cd a few weeks ago and I've just listened to a few of the tracks... I like and I think you will too.

I'm off to bed. Goodnight all :)

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