Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost Happy New Year

Well if I did have a lot of people who read this blog I bet they would be upset that I haven't had a post since the beginning of the month. My apologizes! I have no real excuses. I get on here every day and look at everyone else's blogs and read all the fun things they have to say.

I've been thinking about changing up the blog a bit, now that the house is done and we are settled in I don't have much to post about (or topics concerning the house). It really wouldn't need much changing since the name of this blog is Ryan and Kathryn..how about Ryan AND Kathryn post. I haven't talked to Ryan about this but I will spring that on him tonight. :) I will be sure to let you know what he says...

If he does agree, be ware. A few of his interest are....a bit different than mine, ranging from music to scary comic books.

And maybe some day or in the near future we will have something else to post about?

For now, I am going to get off of here and get back to work...I hope all of you had a VERY Merry Christmas! Our's was amazing!

Love always~ KH


  1. Hmmm....I'm seeing a baby post in the near future. LOL Am I right?! :) You should do a post about Christmas...would love to see your house all decorated for Christmas.

  2. No baby! And I do plan on posting some Christmas pictures but we don't have very many of the house. We took all of them down at my parents :)

  3. Ok, ok. You're probably tired of me asking that. But I feel like it's going to happen any moment. LOL!

    Whatever you do, do NOT post any pictures of those cinnamon rolls your sister was making again. Oh man! You really made me hungry for those. Yummm, yummm.