Monday, May 24, 2010

Where have I been?

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it has been two weeks since I blogged! I'm so sorry to all of my 8 followers :)

Just a quick update, after the wind storm a couple of weeks ago we had a large tree in our backyard fall to the ground. The tree should have gone right through the center of the house but luckily, while falling it got caught on the limbs of another tree and fell to the side of the house.

I called Jacob and his chainsaws to the rescue. He came and cut up the tree while me, Jessica, Ryan, and Taylor all carried the limbs and stumps off. It really worked out for the best because the tree was half dead and I have been saying that we needed to chop it down because of the risk it could fall on the house. Good thing God was watching out for us!

We are going over to the house tonight to lay the sub-floor in the guest room, frame the closet back in, and to talk with Gramps. He wants to have his guys help us with the house !!!(Possibly scrapping the outside to get ready to paint) Yeah!! I will be letting you know how that goes.

Well that's the basics.

And is what I have reallllly been thinking about.

The perfect patio.

Which of course has the deck.

The table.

And of course I can dream. A pool.

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday! I promise it won't be 2 weeks before I post again.

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