Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fun in the sun.

 We decided to take a little road trip yesterday. Sometimes we just need to get out, see something different, and drive. We were planning on going to shop around downtown (we read in Texas Monthly Gainesville had a neat downtown with lots of shops) and go to the Frank Buck Zoo. Turns out every single shop and restaurant downtown was closed. No biggy. We grabbed Arby's drive-thru and had ourselves a little picnic in the park outside of the Zoo. The Zoo was open and turned out to be really nice. Small but large enough for us. Annie wasn't completely into it yet but she took it all in like a champ.

Since the trip was cut short we came home and got in the pool. Annie loves her bath time so I wasn't worried about her being scared of the pool. We plan to do some swimming in the big pool soon but we are taking baby steps to get there. I don't want her to get scared of the water.

Don't you love her swimsuit?! It's a hand-me-down. Ralph Lauren bikini with a collar. Hah! I would have never bought this but it is pretty cute on her little body.

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