Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Wow! Things have been busy. Well first things first, have you made your new year's resolution? I don't understand one thing about the main stream know, ones that contain something about losing weight. I don't know why but it confuses me when people eat a lot and don't work out during the holidays (or all year) and then come the new year they feel disgusting with themselves and then want to make it a resolution to loose get those extra 5-10 pounds off they just gained by being lazy. It is so much easier if you LIVE healthy. To make eating right and exercising a part of who you are. Wow, sorry, that was kind of a rant.

A few of our friends, Ryan, and I like to say our resolutions out load to each other every year. I think it helps to say them out load to someone else so that someone else can hold you accountable for what you set your resolution at. My last year's resolution was this. It's weird going back and reading and still believing every word of it. I think I accomplished it and want to continue to live by it.

This year I still want to do the same things as last but don't want to do a repeat so I put my focus on something/someone who came into my life this last year, Annie. My resolution is to try hard to focus on Annie. More importantly, try to NOT let media get in the way of my interaction with Annie. I find myself trying to finish a text when she is a bit fussy. Seriously, almost 99% of the time that text can wait. My daughters needs come first. I don't just mean texting but t.v. and computer also. I'm not saying I won't watch t.v., text on my phone, or get on the computer but I want to be more conscious that I am giving my daughter my 100% undivided attention.

And this isn't really a resolution but I am running this race in April 2012 and I have one goal for myself. The last half marathon I did took me 2:30 almost on the dot. I ran until mile 10 and stopped and walk/ran. My goal this year is to beat that time. The training for this race started this week. So here we go!!

I would like to add one more resolution. A spiritual resolution: I want to try my hardest to put God first and to give him my 100% undivided attention. To LISTEN to what he is trying to tell me. TRUST that the obstacles he puts in my life are for my own good. I know that if I put my FOCUS in him, my love for Ryan and Annie will be tens times what they are now (which is A LOT).

Happy New Year's to you all :)And good luck with all of your resolutions. Please share below if you'd like!

And a few clips of our sweet Annie to start your week off with :)

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  1. Annie is beautiful! Happy New Year to you and good luck on your run in April!