Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Georgia Bound

I'm not sure if I mentioned to all of you, but Ryan and I helped some of our friends permanently move to Georgia last Thursday. Ryan and Mike drove the U-haul and Amanda and I drove Mike's truck. Me and Amanda swore that we were going to stay as positive as possible (knowing your about to drive 15hrs isn't exactly uplifting BUT we did it!) That's right we stayed positive together for the first 15 hrs but then, the last 3 hrs were HARD; My butt hurt, I started seeing things, I needed to go to the restroom, and the list goes on!

Due to the U-haul getting 7 miles to the gallon, we had to stop every 3 hrs to fill it up. The trip was 18 hrs total and I don't plan on being in a car for that long ANY time soon. The drive was interesting, we got to drive through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia!

We did a little site seeing when we were there and I apologize I don't have my camera with me so those pictures are going to have to come later :)

I just thought I would stop by, say hello, and let you know what we have been up to the last couple of days.

Oh! And don't worry, we got a one way flight back from Atlanta to DFW (1 and 45 minutes) so we didn't have to drive back! THANK GOODNESS! I would have lost my mind!!

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  1. Y'all are such sweet friends! Glad it went well. I couldn't remember what week in January you were doing that.